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At this FREE Web Conference by Swine it, we brought together the smart-farming suppliers that are transforming the swine industry with the 5.0 revolution. Meet the cutting-edge technologies that are a part of the future of our industry.

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What you will learn:

Keynote speech:

Smart farming under commercial conditions: Lessons learned
Dr. David Rosero

1st session

ProGrow – taking pork production to the next level
Hans Ulrik Jensen, SKOV

The Evolution vs. Revolution of the Swine Tech Ecosystem
Brian Parker, MetaFarms

Making the best use of your data
Dr. Daniel Linhares

2nd session

 LeeOTM - Livestock Precision Farming
Dr. Brandi Burton, LeeO

Innovation: A MAYA Approach
B.J. Brugman

The digitization of swine health, artificial intelligence, and future of the industry
Chris Bomgaars, Everypig

3rd session

Practical and proven examples of smart farming in swine operations
Michael Hansen, BarnTools

How the technology in my rental car matters to Pig Production
Scott Whitlock, Summit SmartFarm

The swine technology adoption conundrum
Dr. Caleb Shull

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